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Welcome to the ATOMIC2 trial website! This study is now closed to recruitment. Please see the Results tab for further information.

Full study title: A multi-centre open-label two-arm randomised superiority clinical trial of Azithromycin versus usual care In Ambulatory COVID-19....


The purpose of this study is to assess whether the use of a commonly given antibiotic called Azithromycin can prevent or makes no difference to patients getting worse, otherwise known as disease progression of Novel Coronavirus-Induced Disease 2019 (COVID-19) in people who go to hospital, but who doctors decide there is no need to admit them for treatment.

We have been funded by various charities and funding bodies to find out whether taking Azithromycin for 14 days makes any difference to the number of people who go on to develop more severe symptoms of COVID-19. We will do this by half of those taking part in the study having standard NHS care, and half of those taking part in the study having standard NHS care and being given 14 days of Azithromycin tablets to take. We will then assess, after 28 days, whether there are less people in either of the groups who develop a more severe infection. This study will allow a definite answer to be found, so that doctors know if giving patients Azithromycin when they come to hospital with COVID-19 symptoms makes any difference to the disease getting worse or not.

Recruitment Updates

Please note that recruitment to this trial has now closed. Thank you to everyone involved!!

Recruitment Progress:
Latest participant recruited from: Basingstoke and North Hampshire Hospital – Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
Date of most recent recruitment: Friday, 29th January 2021